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A mod of the Diablo Pre-release Demo to fix crashes and make it more playable. Includes a secondary project to decompile the executable.

Technologies: Assembly, C++, Devilution, Windows


Sheet Music

All transcriptions (Video, PDF, and MIDI) are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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Transcription by Michael Hitchens (michaelhitchens.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

For a higher resolution Video file, reach out using the email address at the top of the page.

Das WandernKajiura Yuki.hack//SIGNVideoPDFMIDI
The Bones of JakobsonJessica CurryDear EstherVideoPDFMIDI
Dear EstherJessica CurryDear EstherVideoPDFMIDI
I Have Begun My AscentJessica CurryDear EstherVideoPDFMIDI
Golden RatioJessica CurryDear EstherVideoPDFMIDI
RememberJessica CurryDear EstherVideoPDFMIDI
Standing StonesJessica CurryDear EstherVideoPDFMIDI
This Godforsaken AerialJessica CurryDear EstherVideoPDFMIDI
Twenty OneJessica CurryDear EstherVideoPDFMIDI
The Earth PreludeLudovico EinaudiDivenireVideoPDFMIDI
Opening of DreamSagisu ShiroEnd of EvangelionVideoPDFMIDI
OpeningPhillip GlassGlassworks-PDFMIDI
Board Up the WindowsJessica CurryKorsakoviaVideoPDFMIDI
The EventJessica CurryKorsakoviaVideoPDFMIDI
Wet HandsC418MinecraftVideoPDFMIDI
Outlier65daysofstaticNo Man's Sky-PDFMIDI
Machiavellian BachMike MoraskyPortal 2-PDFMIDI
L'Apotre de la LuneSagisu ShiroRebuild of EvangelionVideoPDFMIDI
Quelconque 103 (piano) =3EM08=Sagisu ShiroRebuild of EvangelionVideoPDFMIDI
Overworld (Night)Kozue IshikawaWario Land 3VideoPDFMIDI
GoodnightEvanescenceBlitz Locals (Charity)-PDFMIDI


I produce electronic music and self-publish on Bandcamp. My lastest album is embedded below:


I'm interested in landscape and wildlife photography. You can find samples on my Instagram.

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I've formatted some video game scripts into eBooks for easier reading.

Dear EstherScript for Dear EstherePub
KorsakoviaScript for KorsakoviaePub

Other Projects

Vampyr Utils

Tools for decoding files used by Vampyr: The Talisman of Invocation. Coded in C++. I used these utilities to decode the image and map files which I then put into albums; I've provided links below.

SourceImage albumMap album

Explorer Utils

Tools for decoding files used by Dungeon Explorer (1990). Coded in C++. Of note, I reconstructed a missing file necessary to play the game in CGA, documented some unused features, and provided a basic workflow for designing custom levels.

SourceDocumentationCGA Longplay

Bandit Utils

Tools for decoding files used by Time Bandit (1988). Coded in C++. This is an interesting project because the game is coded in assembly (rather than a high level langauge) and includes a copy-protection scheme.